General Alejandro Velasquez
Age 46 (season 1), 48 (season 2)
Nationality Mexican 
Rank General
Aflliations Ultranationalist (party), 502nd Regimente Fuerzas Especiales (commander-in-chief), Mexican Armed Forces
Death executed by the Raccoon at a safehouse in Rosaria, Mexico (aged 48)
Appears in Outlaws (seasons 1 and 2)
Alignment Evil

"Libertad y fuerza! (Liberty and force!)" 

--Propaganda slogan under General Velasquez. 

General Alejandro Velasquez is a major antagonist during the first two seasons of Outlaws. He is most infamous for his coup in Mexico City, where he executes the president. However, he is widely known for his ultranationalist beliefs and calls to patriotism. He is voiced by

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